2021 Vintage Update

Jul 20, 2020

To say that I’m excited about the quality prospects for the 2021 vintage is an understatement! All the signs are there that 2021 will be one to remember.

At this stage, it looks like the grapes will ripen 10 to 14 days later this year, compared to the average ripening date from previous years. This is especially good news for Pinotage, being an early ripening variety, as it produces exceptional wines during later-ripening vintages. A later vintage results in big, powerful wines with beautiful ripe tannins.

Sufficient rainfall during 2020’s winter months were followed by regular showers during the beginning of the growing season in middle September. Spring was characterized by wet and cold conditions that led to late budding of the vines. The flowering and berry-set on the Pinotage vineyards were proper and even. The vineyards’ vigour are in tact and balanced, while the bunch- and berry size looks promising to produce high quality red wines this year. As we are nearing optimal ripeness and harvest time, we hold thumbs that the weather keeps playing along.

What I’m even more excited about is to taste the fruits of our labour in a couple of year’s time!

Francois van Niekerk's 2021 vintage update
Francois van Niekerk's 2021 vintage update